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A Silver Lining

Human potential to acquire a new skill or perfect an already existing one, is an interesting mystery to me. In the last few weeks, I have been pondering on this. This year has brought forward many hidden talents in people. Social media websites are filled with chefs, artists, writers, financial pundits, gym enthusiasts, health gurus, and more. So, the question is why do we have a sudden outpouring of all these talents?

The start of this year was like any other for most of the world. The first Covid-19 terror slowly crept into our lives by mid-February and by March many countries were in full-blown panic mode. Nations declared emergency. International borders were closed, shelter-in-place imposed, businesses closed shop, schools were closed, and work-from home was the norm for most tech companies.

Humankind was thrown into a state of uncertainty, confusion, fear, and to a considerable extent a much-needed break from their hectic lives. The first couple of weeks saw many people enjoying their unexpected break with their families and indulging in much needed rest. Then the couple of weeks turned into months and the restive and joyous family times rolled into restlessness and frustration.

Covid-19 has made everyone cagey. Every day we hear of the virus getting stronger. The global economy has been impacted greatly. Pay cuts, layoffs, school closures, at-home learning – in a nutshell, the universe was in chaos. People were struggling to adapt to this new world. And trust me, there’s only so much television one can see!!!

So somewhere towards the end of March 2020, people all over the globe were beginning to channel their energies into something beautiful. And how do I know this? Of course through our ever-present modern age friend–social media!!! To many the activity of their choice was an outlet. It kept them from worrying over the pandemic situation. To many it was the opportunity to learn something new or to prefect their old skills. I am no different😊 Yours truthfully found a new talent, worked on perfecting an already existing one, and explored the neighboring streets a little too much.

One day in early March, after lunch I was too bored to read or do anything useful. One of my kids asked me to help them with drawing a picture of our house to share with their classmates during their daily zoom calls. And so I set to drawing a picture. It was funny really. I haven’t drawn anything since leaving high school and here I had to draw a picture of our house. I was only being judged by my kid and hence no pressure there at all!!!

My Sketch of our Home:)

But one drawing for my kid’s school activity turned into me selecting images from Google. I was interested in doing pencil sketches and I found myself sketching every afternoon after lunch. I soon found myself thinking of images that I felt happy to sketch. I got better at putting my own touches to it. This newfound creative outlet helped me look forward to each day. It filled me with a sense of calm, and I stressed myself a little less.

So, fast forward a few months and the world is still grappling with the Covid-19 situation. The year has almost passed us by, and we are all still wondering when the world will go back to being its normal self.

A humming Bird – one of my earliest sketches.

But, on the brighter side many like me have a new skill or talent to keep them from being stressed. I’ll leave you all for now with a few of my sketches done over the past few months. I would love to hear how all of you are coping with Covid-19. Do drop me a line in the comments.